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Oh Yes, another old friend come home after a looong absence (thanks ebay).

We had this book in the house when I was a kid and I thought it was a scream! Which probably says something about what kind of child I was; but then again that’s not necessarily a bad thing. One image in particular stuck with me all the intervening years and when I finally got the book back into my hot little hands it was exactly the way I remembered it:

Good ol’ Doppler. I particularly love the snake’s sign: Doppler Shut Up.

and this:

and I will always, always love this one:

A lot of good it did him. Slays me, really, just lays me out on the floor.

Here’s the scoop on this book: it mixes real science with biting wit. I mean, at points, really scathing wit. Well, it was written and illustrated by Arnold Roth after all. Yes, I was more than a bit science-geeky even as a child but truthfully, this book is fantastic and I am ever so glad to have it back in my life.

Bonus points to anyone who recognized that the silly robots image I posted after the blizzard is from the endpapers of this book.

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