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Sorry about that folks, I know that I defo disappeared for too long.

This winter has been brutal. That’s all; just bloody awful brutal.

I’ve finally pulled myself out of a weather induced fugue state and am currently doing a bit of cleaning/reorganizing, specifically in the workroom. The next biggest priority is to get a handle on the book situation before one of the many random stacks falls over and crushes someone. Ha! You think I’m kidding but I’m really, really not. We are looking at a very real possibility of a online garage sale this spring/summer to thin the herd.

Vintage 60s Library Poster Shelf order

Here’s a little vintage poster gem for you. Seriously wish my books were this organized. We started out with sections by subject or author but have devolved into wherever we can find a spot. Or worse: “I think the book I want is in that stack over there.”

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