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Michael Sowa -- Tigerhase

Michael Sowa — Tigerhase

Personally I am choosing to spend this Boxing Day immersed deep in an introspective meditation.

Sure, outwardly it may look like I’m just curled up on the couch, wrapped in a blanket, watching old movies but inside the wheels are spinning in furious fashion.

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Boulet Heart of the Jaguar

Welcome to a new era. Hopefully a happier, healthier, more sane era but human nature being what it is I’ll not be holding my breath.


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Hobbit Anticipation


Yes, The Hobbit finally opens on Friday the 14th. I can hardly wait — that said, I will be waiting as I never go the first weekend. I wait for the crush of fans to subside a bit. We’ll be going over the Christmas holidays to see what promises to be another gem from Peter Jackson and his team at WETA.

Yes, I love The Hobbit and have done since I first read it at age 11. I know for certain that I was 11 as that year the math teacher was reading it to his home room students and wouldn’t read it to the class I was in — ran out and bought my own copy, HA! John loves The Hobbit so much that it is the one book he always takes on vacation every single year. We’ve been on pins and needles ever since the announcement of the filming finally being settled on Peter Jackson. I’m definitely relieved that the book is being split into two parts as the prospect of cramming it into one film would have forced the leaving out of some of my favorite bits. Like this one:


Oh, the trolls would have to be in any acceptable version, but would you get a lovely long segment about the debate over how to prepare the dwarves for consumption? Boiled, baked, or simply sat on and squashed into jelly? I think not. So I am immeasurably glad that the book part of The Hobbit will be in two parts. I should also say that we are also very much hoping for a reasonably lengthy view of Beorn’s house, as well as a short visit to Rivendell.

Yes, I know that there are now going to be three films. I confess to still being a bit nervous about the third film which is meant to comprise of appendix information/action. I will go see it absolutely, being myself in the minority of Tolkien fans who’ve actually read the appendix material.

It will be lovely, I’m certain it will . . . just still feeling a bit jittery in the tummy.

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