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Thought I would continue the mod theme with this little gem.

Mod Missy by Whitman circa 1969. She’s quite the hipster. The box for my set is less than great; some of the paper is peeled off on the lid and the bottom of the box is dented in. However this doesn’t matter terribly much to me as the contents are mint. Uncut costumes and a perfect thick cardboard doll.

Incidently, Whitman must have really wanted to avoid any possible confusion about this being a Mod doll; they stuck the word mod every place they could wedge it in. As if one glance at the doll or her clothes could have left any doubt. Ha!

Even her posture is a bit hip. Adore that face and those perfect 60s shoes.

The costumes are fab; she plays the guitar. In addition to wonderfully evocative outfits she has great wigs, dig the Carnaby ensemble complete with boots and wig/hat.

Just in case you missed the point, the publisher even stuck yet another mention of mod in the title of the magazine — love that Beatles suit and wig! Make sure to click on the picture to check out the details of the pink dress in the lower left; nehru collar and ruffled cuffs are soooo precious.

Hope that the Friends of Blythe and other fashionistas have enjoyed this wardrobe inspiration post.

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Here’s another old friend come home at last, this time courtesy of the local library’s used book sale.

Well, a relative of an old friend as my childhood copy was in English. Spanish, English, any way you slice it this is a fantastic cook book with illustrations that scream “it’s the 60s!”. I loved this book, most probably and literally to death as it disappeared somewhere in the distant past. No matter; the crazy dog and cat team are back to cook all my old favorites.

Like Egg in a Nest.

Twice Baked Cheesy Potato.

Sausage Rolls.

and for a magnificent grand finale: Baked Alaska. I think I actually made this once and it was like a magic trick — the meringue got toasty golden brown and the ice cream didn’t melt!

I apologize for the wonky scans; this is a rather large book and it didn’t quite fit in the scanner (bit of a struggle actually). Still, you can get a very definite idea of how it looks and why I am everlastingly thankful to have this treasure (or variation thereof) back in my hot little hands.

Happy Turkey Day Everybody!

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