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It’s cold, so cold, my feet are blocks of ice.

OK, so it’s not so cold as January used to be. Realistically it should be colder and we absolutely should have more snow (we need the water). Not so cold or so much snow as that one year when we got 15 inches of snow in two days. I’m not even remotely saying that I want anything resembling that. But my feet are still so cold; I need to dig out my poor old Harry Potter slippers (black with gold glittery stars).

I guess what I’m really saying is that I feel slumpish. Really, fold up in a heap, pull a blanket over my head and well . . . slump.

It’s a bit scary, feeling like this.

Conceptual art by Mary Blair for Disney's Alice in Wonderland

Conceptual art by Mary Blair for Alice in Wonderland

I know I need to get off my backside and get some stuff done. But I’m also fairly certain I’m not quite ready to plunge down the rabbit hole just yet. It looks damn deep and I flat out don’t have the energy needed for that sort of adventure.

Not at the moment anyway — maybe in a little bit I’ll feel braver.

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