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This is meant to be just a short little post to redirect you over to Muddy Colors for today. Watch this kinda ancient documentary short by Walt Disney on the importance of pursuing individual style.

Do not be put off by the rather dated documentary filming technique or the somewhat wooden narration of the four Disney artists involved. Instead concentrate on what they are saying; the reasons why they are all interpreting the same subject in different ways.

Also vitally important to me is how the beginning portion of the film talks about how when working as a team on a project each member must subvert their own personal style in order to make a cohesive whole. Collaboration is interesting for that very reason; sometimes we can create so very much more as a group then we would have as individuals. However, it is so very very important for all of us to make time for developing our own work. To find that voice that is entirely and uniquely our own.

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It’s a sad state of affairs to be sure.

I wish that I felt like this:

Piglet with Violets

Lying around in a soft meadow, the warm sunlight on my face, the moist delectable smell of dirt rising up from under the grass, sniffing and occasionally eating a violet. A particularly good spring feeling that possibilities are endless and that life is truly fine.

Instead I am stuck here:

Pooh and the Gorse Bush

Right smack dab in a pricker bush. And worse, every time I start to crawl out and brush off; something bungs me right back in. Just lately while I’m lying there still stunned and thinking “What the bugger am I doing back here??” someone/thing kicks me in the head a few times for good measure. And they aren’t even considerate enough to wipe the mud off their boots first.

It’s a tiny bit hard to take. Still it is somewhat hopeful that I am persisting in my attempts to crawl out. If only hope were enough. Good thing I’m terribly stubborn.

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