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Evelyn Gathings Rocks!

I’m extremely fond of her particular approach to the art of the paper doll. She seems to specialize in animals which just makes me like them even more.

But the real reason I’m blogging about this paper doll set now is that the little baby sister doll reminds me so very, very much of the fire-setting cat in my last post (yes, the baked apple cat). Seriously, check out that little face. That little “I’m mayhem, go ahead turn your back on me” face. This is a face I’d love to see on a Connie Smith doll.

The costumes in this set are very fine; though they look more Edwardian than Victorian to my eye. Yeah, I’m one of those historical detail people to whom the distinction Victorian/Edwardian makes a difference. Overall the colors and details throughout the set are fantastic as are the plethora of accessories.

I especially love the commentary on the costume pages. It’s borderline snarky while retaining a warm sweet surface layer. Click to enlarge the images, read it for yourself. Enjoy!


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Vintage Apple Ads

Yeah, I’m a Mac . . . big shocker. Most all the artists I know are Macs, we just love the little beasties to bits.

March 1980

Very possibly my first exposure to Apple. From the pages of Omni magazine which exposed me to a myriad of art, fiction and technology back in the day.

January 1982

A personal favorite, unfortunately I only have one half of this two page fire inspired spread. If memory serves; despite the melty condition of the computer, Apple was able to recover the contents of the hard drive. Again from Omni.


Thanks for everything Steve, enjoy your party wherever you are tonight.


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