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You may remember that I wrote a post last year about the Black Apple Paper Doll Primer.

Now Emily Martin (aka Black Apple) has very generously made a new holiday paper doll and is giving it away for FREE! Personal use only please.

Is she great or what? If you haven’t already; go buy her book NOW!

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Here for your Halloween enjoyment is a little book from my collection. Literally  little; this puppy measures 4-1/8″ x 6-1/8″. It fits very nicely in the hand.

Nutshell Toy Making dustjacket

I picked this up because I really liked how demented the animals on the cover look.

Nutshell Toy Making dustjacket flaps

This book was published in 1964 in England which is kind of obvious if you read the dustjacket flaps and do check out the other titles in the series (listed on the back of the dustjacket).

This clown pattern looks more scarecrow to me so here it is and if you don’t get it made before Thanksgiving it will still fit into your tablescape. It’s meant to be made of felt with a cardstock banjo.

Nutshell Toy Making Clown pattern 1

Nutshell Toy Making Clown pattern 2

Nutshell Toy Making Clown pattern 3

Nutshell Toy Making Clown pattern 4

Remember to click on the picture to get the full size image to copy and print out. Enjoy!


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