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Happy Leap Day!

Here’s a pretty picture to enjoy while we wait for spring. It’s by German artist Sulamith Wulfing (1901-1989).

I particularly like the way the beetle is carrying the caterpillar in two of it’s arms and propping up a blossom with the other two. Also the red socks on the elderly little fae look quite cheerful.


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Aardman has a New Movie coming out!

And it’s about PIRATES! Squeeeee!!

The Pirates! Band of Misfits

I summon all ye admirers of Wallace & Gromit, Chicken Run and diverse other Aardman creations to go hither and watch the trailer — also here for “making of” giddiness.


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Yes, I’m rather extremely late to this particular party. Better late than not at all.

Absolutely Undiluted Magic!

I know that as a book addict (soften that to bibliophile if you must but judging from the massive quantities of books in my tiny, tiny house I calls ’em the way I see ’em) I cannot possibly claim a shred of objectivity but I do so very much love this little film. Nevertheless I am not alone and it makes me exceedingly happy to see that it has achieved such a wide audience and dearly hope that it wins an Oscar.

If you’ve already seen it, you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t seen it go watch it now! There are links at Moonbot and at MorrisLessmore. I just downloaded it from the iTunes store (free) and I originally watched it on vimeo from a link on James Gurney’s blog. The vimeo links don’t seem to be working today but they’ll most likely be restored soonish.

Oh, yes, one more thing — Kleenex alert. Trust me; you will cry.

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Rivers and Tides

Quite a few of the blogs I read have been doing a lot of posts about reflecting on the past, evaluating present priorities and working towards building the best year of work that is possible for that particular person.

I have been lying on the couch watching films. Especially this one:

Rivers and Tides (Working With Time). A stunning documentary about artist Andy Goldsworthy.

This film is an amazing, even revelatory experience. It takes me right into the heart of nature and time, connecting me to the rhythms of growth and the patterns of pulsing water. It is a reminder that everything is transitory, and that the most ephemeral of things have immense strength and beauty.

Watch it if you get even the remotest of chances.

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