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Here’s a little Thanksgiving present for everyone who’s never heard of Mouseland.

Oh yes, the massively talented and always sure to cheer up my day, Mouseland. If you can stay grumpy after looking at her images, seek medical attention.

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This optimistically titled book is from my small (but distinguished) collection of vintage craft books. It was published in England in (guessing) the 1930s or 40s (it’s not dated). It contains instructions, diagrams and patterns for an large number of toys of amazing diversity of subject matter. My copy even still has the full size pattern sheet which was loosely inserted into the book.

table of contents

What a gem. You could populate an entire nursery with just projects from this book. Which given the toy shortages of the time (due to the economy and the war) was rather a necessity. The soft toys are either knitted or sewn fabric/felt, oddly there are no crocheted toys. The wood toys include a section on reed basketry and the metal toys (and other toys) includes paper/card models and crafts.

But there is another reason I bought this book and here it is:


Fantastic illustrated endpapers! Virtually every single thing in the illustration is a project from the book. Who knew the hula girl’s boyfriend was a dog? That a monkey could be a fireman? That penguins are allowed on the bus? My very most favorite bit is Punch wreaking havoc with the crane and spilling milk all over the poor Golly, while Judy wisely makes discreetly for the exit.

Overall an entirely delightful window into the past. And terribly useful to boot.

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Here for your Halloween enjoyment is a little book from my collection. Literally  little; this puppy measures 4-1/8″ x 6-1/8″. It fits very nicely in the hand.

Nutshell Toy Making dustjacket

I picked this up because I really liked how demented the animals on the cover look.

Nutshell Toy Making dustjacket flaps

This book was published in 1964 in England which is kind of obvious if you read the dustjacket flaps and do check out the other titles in the series (listed on the back of the dustjacket).

This clown pattern looks more scarecrow to me so here it is and if you don’t get it made before Thanksgiving it will still fit into your tablescape. It’s meant to be made of felt with a cardstock banjo.

Nutshell Toy Making Clown pattern 1

Nutshell Toy Making Clown pattern 2

Nutshell Toy Making Clown pattern 3

Nutshell Toy Making Clown pattern 4

Remember to click on the picture to get the full size image to copy and print out. Enjoy!


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