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Happy Christmas

And a Very Merry New Year!

eloise christmas tree

From Me and Eloise

and Piglet, Pooh, Tinkerbell and Frosty the Snowman (the blue one-armed one, who I had since I was a baby)

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Yes, things have been crazy busy here. I am squeaking in with a short but sweet halloween greeting to everyone out on the inter webs.


Love all those goolies appearing in the upper right!

Wishing lots of good things to eat and drink but not so much that you get sick. Ever the pragmatist, that’s me.

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santa and elves cooking

Wishing everyone a Very Happy Christmas and a Fabaroo New Year!

Dig those crazy elves; the sniffing, the recipe-reading, the bodacious little bum on the one closest to the oven. Fun, Fun, Fun!

And Yes Indeedy, I am fiiinaaaaalyy feeling a bit better — it’s been a terrible, horrible, very bad year (well, it’s been bloody difficult at the least). Here’s hoping the new year holds good things all around.


ps: I just updated my blogroll to fix addresses, delete really inactive blogs and add a few new favorites — enjoy!

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Bringin in the Plum Pudding - illus by Charles Robinson 1906

and remember — don’t eat anything bigger than your head.

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Happy Halloween!

Spider Revenge

Enjoy the silliness that abounds today!

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Happy Valentines Day!


In case you haven’t yet seen the Disney animated short Paperman, go watch it on you-tube here.

I enjoyed it and hope you will too.

I heard today on TV that this is the worst cold/flu season we’ve had in years. If you are having the same Valentines luck as me — go eat chicken soup and feel better.

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Michael Sowa -- Tigerhase

Michael Sowa — Tigerhase

Personally I am choosing to spend this Boxing Day immersed deep in an introspective meditation.

Sure, outwardly it may look like I’m just curled up on the couch, wrapped in a blanket, watching old movies but inside the wheels are spinning in furious fashion.

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