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Hello and Welcome

So here I am, finally, starting a blog. Just for a minute I’m going to pretend that absolutely no one out there knows who I am or what I do. Which, mostly, you don’t; unless you’ve met me at an Art Doll conference. The most seriously art thing that I do are my figurative art sculptures. They are made of cloth over an armature with hard sculpted polymer clay face masks which are covered in cloth. Their hair is made shredded fabric. They are all one of a kind.

Watering Can Girl

This one is Girl with a Watering Can, after Renoir. She’s 12-1/2 inches tall. I made her watering can with paperclay.

You’ll notice right away that I don’t do people-colored people. All my figures have lovely colored skin, yellow, blue, green, mauve; whatever color feels right for that piece. They also are all faeries, but earth fae not air fae (no wings). Some are bugs, some are Brownies or Hobs, I’ve even done a few Grigs. Mostly they are happy little folk, some more mischievous than others but all fairly benevolent spirits. I hope they make you smile.

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