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Blythe Doll Birthday Outfit

Back in July I set out to make a special birthday surprise for my friend Arlene. I know that she likes Blythe so I searched on the web to see if I could find some clothes patterns. Jackpot! Turns out that Blythe people love to share both photos and patterns. So despite the fact that I don’t own a Blythe doll I was able to print out actual size patterns and make a fun outfit. I ran late finishing it up so Arlene got it a day or two after her birthday but she phoned and made it clear that she loved it (surprises are so great).

(Extremely Simplified) Background: Blythe was a very unusual doll made in 1971, some people loved her and a lot of people were pretty much freaked out by her really quite large head and that she had multiple sets of eyes which revolved in her head to change colors and direction of glance. So she went away for a long time until ebay. Then she came out of the attics, garages and other assorted places she’d been living and started going for massive prices at auction. People who love Blythe really, really love her. So eventually a couple of companies licensed the rights to manufacture new Blythe dolls. Which led to all the new Blythe fans and their websites, flickr groups and lots and lots of wardrobe fun.

Arlene's Blythe

Arlene kindly sent me a photo of her doll wearing the outfit (and additions). This is what I made: the black sparkly felt mouse hat, the multi-color print mod sleeveless dress, and the lime and blue shoulder bag. I’m told that Arlene’s Blythes are quite the fashionistas so she added the black daisy pin, the tights and those fantastic purple Frankenstein boots (serious shoe lust happening here). I used my favorite mod fabric from my stash hoping that it would look good on a redhead — success!

So I said that surprises are great, well they really are because this little beauty showed up in my mailbox a little while ago. Arlene decided to surprise me back; what a sweetie-pie. There was even a tiny itty greeting card in the box with a note. Completely itty; I had to use tweezers to open the flap.

Isn’t she just adorable? She’s the same size as the little green haired doll in the outfit photo. Which is about 4-1/4″ tall. The little clothes come on and off; she’s wearing a red vinyl sleeveless dress under the white coat. Her red boots are painted on. Her hat has a fabric flower. Incredibly cute and she came to live with me so that Arlene and I would both have one. I totally love having such imaginative, creative friends — they give me excuses to play. Oh Fun . . . Oh Joy!

Stay tuned . . . next week: mod inspiration.

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