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Art Raven for Charity

Yes, I adopted this raven. No really, this is my contribution for a local art charity event “Art the Flock Up!”. All the embellished ravens will be on display in downtown Adrian both inside and outside of community buildings throughout the month of October. They will then be auctioned off on October 28 at a reception and poetry event celebrating the works of Edgar Allen Poe at 6:30 p.m. at the Adrian Public Library. The money raised will go to support the LCVA and Lenawee Reads.

I was in the library a few weeks ago and I saw this crazy bird dressed like John Belushi as a Bee sitting on top of one of the short bookcases in the lobby area. There was a sign that said “Adopt a Raven” and “In the Spirit of Poe”. Curiosity won, I asked a librarian “What’s the deal with the bird?”. A tenner later I was strolling out with my very own blank raven, OK, my very own blank crow decoy.

I decided to do mine up as, well, Raven. It just seemed like too good an opportunity to do some native american art to pass up. I modified some northwest coast clip art images and made stenciled fabric appliqués which I then glued in place. I used freezer paper stencils to apply white paint to orangey-red fabric. The stylized hands on the wings were fiddley to glue on but I’m pleased with the final effect.

This face mask/moon disk will no doubt get used again, I really like the way the stencil turned out. I had some fun with this and can’t wait to see what other people did with their birds. If you’re in the Adrian area please stop by the reception and join the fun!

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