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This week I’m visiting with Little Red Riding Hood courtesy of Agence Eureka. If you are not familiar with that totally awesome blog you should click the link and check it out. It is emphera heaven!



This particular entry is a Toy Theatre. How cool is that?


And here is a diagram showing how to put it together. You’ll need some cardboard to make the box that serves as a surround, cereal or cracker boxes will work. Use a wire or a bamboo skewer as a handle for the figures. Or pipe cleaners or whatever else you have handy. Remember the important thing is to Have Some Fun!

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I’ve been thinking about fairy tales a lot lately. No real reason, just something about the hot weather I guess.

Maybe it’s the heat that makes me long for cool breezes off the lake, in the shade of big, big trees. Which leads me to Hansel and Gretel. I mean, who hasn’t wanted a secret little get-away cottage in the deep dark forest? Especially one made of food.

Hansel and Gretel House

So this one is also a paper model. With an oven. Which you could use to make s’mores or a roast turkey or some cookies to make a matching wishing well. Bonus, it has a weirdo looking paper doll Gretel with some spare clothes.

Hansel and Gretel outside the Witch's House

This house has a gingerbread rooster roof ornament, pretzels trim and almond cookie quoins on the corner of the house. Plus a twisty tree and that not quite a fence of pretzels and almond cookies.

Hansel Gretel - Voodoo gingerbread house

Similar to the last one this house has voodoo face cookies, people cookies, a bunny cookie and check out the snake in the lower right left. As in your other right.

hansel-and-gretel - anton pieck

I love the curvy organic-ness of this house by Anton Pieck, I really like his illustration style — you should do a google image search of him.

Hansel and Gretel puppet book

This puppet book with a house of real cookies and candy is kinda jokey but I still like it.

vegetable house

And lastly, this is not a Hansel and Gretel house but maybe you could think of it as a green healthy alternative.


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A Very Silly Book

A Very Silly Book

Yes, as I promised last week the identity of the silly little dolls having a picnic is revealed.

Psychedelic Fun: Upsy Downsy Land

Psychedelic Fun: Upsy Downsy Land

They are from Upsy Downsy Land. The Upsys are smaller and live right side up. The Downsys are larger and live either way up — they are very good at standing on their hands. Upsy Downsy Land is a very happy friendly place to hang out.

I remember playing with these trippy tiny people when I was little, first you’d connect up all the maps you had and then they would drive and drive and drive around. Occasionally they’d stop for a sandwich or a swim or sometimes a nap. It was a pretty idyllic flat little world but there were hazards — like the time the wizzer (with doll attached) went screaming across the kitchen floor and smacked our Mother right in the ankle (oh the shouting, oh the temporary banishment to our room).

Two pieces of Happidiculous survived my childhood: a somewhat worn ladybug car and the tiny blue bucket from the firetruck (oh yeah, the firetruck was an elephant). Fortunately I’ve been able to reacquire a small group of dolls, vehicles and accessories (thank you ebay) over the last few years.

Sadly, they were only made for one year, 1969. Read more about them here. It would have been really wonderful fun to see what other sets might have been introduced if the line had lasted. Mine have been lobbying for a drive-in theater and a downtown shopping area — also much larger play maps with more landscape in proportion to road. Oh, and they are demanding a electric car recharger and solar power arrays. Ha!

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Yeah, I know, I know . . . this is a day early. But tomorrow is going to be BUSY.

Plus I’m trying to stick to my WebWednesday posting habit, however erratic it has been.

Ready for Picnic Action

Ready for Picnic Action

So enjoy your holiday, have lots of fun and try not to overindulge too awfully much.

Bonus points for anyone who can identify the silly little dolls pictured above. No, the troll doesn’t count — he’s there for scale: he is 1-1/2 inches tall (exclusive of hair). Put guesses in a comment and I’ll get back to everyone next week.

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