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Yeah we are all rushing around like crazy people trying to get all sorts of stuff done. Everyday stuff like the laundry and holiday stuff like decorating and gift shopping. No News There.

However I think there are things we need to stop for a moment and take a breath for. Like reading one of the best pieces of advice I’ve read in a while. Specifically this blog post by Greg Ruth over on Muddy Colors.

Like me, you’ve probably read similar posts before. I’m really glad Greg took the time to write this now, as this time of year is when we tend to forget to think about how important this stuff is. How no matter how busy our lives are that we need to set aside a least a little time to think; that’s it just think.

So take ten minutes and go over and read this truly excellent advice.

Galaxy cover emshwiller 1951

Also a little oddball vintage sci fi humor to cheer your day.

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The Duel

I find the seemingly endless human capacity for hate, violence and ignorance increasingly appalling.

It is appalling that our world, our humanity has slipped so far towards hopelessness that people fall to this.

Eiffel Tower Image

Je Suis Paris

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I know I’m supposed to say how inspired I am about the prospect of a brand spanky new year and all the wonderful things that I can/could possibility do with it.

210 things to do

However all I seem to be able to think about is how little I have achieved in recent years and how daunting the process of making any genuine progress can be.

Perhaps I am not alone in feeling somewhat frustrated by all this New Year’s Resolution crap.

Let’s all try to maintain a positive attitude and baby step our way to better things.

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Yeah, yeah, I know this is completely and totally late. If you view time and space as a linear progression that is.

Anyway, I found this little photo gem in a quite old book in my collection and wanted to share it.

Dalek dressing-up suit

Yes indeedy my timey wimey friends, a photo of an authentic Dalek dressing-up suit. Which moment in the above mentioned Adventures in Time and Space made me laugh out loud. That little girl was just soooo thrilled to be dressed up as a Dalek it was impossible not to laugh.

On a technical note it was interesting to see how the dressing-up suit was constructed. The body is fabric suspended from a hoop that hangs just below the shoulders from suspender straps. This same hoop forms the support for the helmet which fastens on with snaps. This was a smart design decision: the helmet is supported by the shoulders and leaves the child’s head unencumbered. The two appendages are made of plastic and the rods enter thru the side slits and are held in the child’s hands. You really weren’t meant to stick your arms out the slits . . . but it was handy that you could so as to pull in an emergency sandwich or beverage. After all being a Dalek is thirsty work.

I wanted to get this posted before Thanksgiving as a reminder that sometimes you just have to get wacky in the face of disfunctional situations. It is my most sincere hope that even without said reminder if you found yourself in a unduly difficult place that you found the strength of character to slap a colander on your head, pick up a whisk and say (in a loud, flat, metallic voice) to all assembled: Exterminate! Exterminate!

If nought else, it would certainly shift the mood.

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is not such a bad place to be, if indeed that is where you find yourself.


The cool pools of shadow, the dense drifts of pine needles; it can be an ideal place to just sit and think. Part of the charm are all the little creatures with sharp little teeth and hungry little tummies. Remember to bring a jar of peanut butter and plenty of spoons to go round.

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What crocodile? You know what crocodile. This one:


The one what ate the alarm clock and who eventually comes for us all. That crocodile.

Why am I going on about a ticking crocodile . . . because he came for Akira. The truly wonderful and entirely talented Akira Blount. Remember these:

Akira Cat Man 150ppi

The people with animal face masks. She taught classes in this, and though I didn’t get a chance to take one I hear they were great.

Akira Twig Hair

Her work later began to incorporate more and more natural materials, like this piece with twig hair.

Akira Wooden Skirts

And finally, these fantastic pieces with turned and carved wooden skirts. Forgive the tragically bad photo, conditions were way less than ideal.

Akira Jack in the box

This jack-in-the-box is the only piece of Akira’s work that I have. It was the souvenir at the annual NIADA conference one year. I remember leaving the banquet that night holding it and hearing Bill Nelson crowing to a group of people ahead of us in the hallway about how great his Jack’s thumbs were. They were the best Jack thumbs at his table. So we (the people I sat with a dinner) went over and asked what was all this about thumbs? Bill explained the clear superiority of his Jack and then said “Show me your thumbs”. We (my dinner group) had not paid particular attention to the relative quality of our Jack thumbs. So we popped open our Jacks and held them up for inspection. A deep silence fell . . . and persisted. Bill scowled — at me; my Jack’s thumbs had bested his. Then we all laughed and went to find a cosy place to laugh some more and talk the rest of the evening away.

It’s been really, really hard to write this post. That damn crocodile has been wreaking havoc among this particular group of people I care about. Mirren, Martha, Susie, Elizabeth, Barbi, and now Akira. These aren’t just people I admire and am inspired by. These are people I knew, people I’ve spent time with; had long talks with; shared meals with. People I had a deep and lasting affinity with. People who are leaving a significant hole in both my heart and my life.

So if you even think you hear something going “Tick-Tack Tick-Tack”: Run Like Hell.

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It’s a sad state of affairs to be sure.

I wish that I felt like this:

Piglet with Violets

Lying around in a soft meadow, the warm sunlight on my face, the moist delectable smell of dirt rising up from under the grass, sniffing and occasionally eating a violet. A particularly good spring feeling that possibilities are endless and that life is truly fine.

Instead I am stuck here:

Pooh and the Gorse Bush

Right smack dab in a pricker bush. And worse, every time I start to crawl out and brush off; something bungs me right back in. Just lately while I’m lying there still stunned and thinking “What the bugger am I doing back here??” someone/thing kicks me in the head a few times for good measure. And they aren’t even considerate enough to wipe the mud off their boots first.

It’s a tiny bit hard to take. Still it is somewhat hopeful that I am persisting in my attempts to crawl out. If only hope were enough. Good thing I’m terribly stubborn.

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It’s cold, so cold, my feet are blocks of ice.

OK, so it’s not so cold as January used to be. Realistically it should be colder and we absolutely should have more snow (we need the water). Not so cold or so much snow as that one year when we got 15 inches of snow in two days. I’m not even remotely saying that I want anything resembling that. But my feet are still so cold; I need to dig out my poor old Harry Potter slippers (black with gold glittery stars).

I guess what I’m really saying is that I feel slumpish. Really, fold up in a heap, pull a blanket over my head and well . . . slump.

It’s a bit scary, feeling like this.

Conceptual art by Mary Blair for Disney's Alice in Wonderland

Conceptual art by Mary Blair for Alice in Wonderland

I know I need to get off my backside and get some stuff done. But I’m also fairly certain I’m not quite ready to plunge down the rabbit hole just yet. It looks damn deep and I flat out don’t have the energy needed for that sort of adventure.

Not at the moment anyway — maybe in a little bit I’ll feel braver.

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Michael Sowa -- Tigerhase

Michael Sowa — Tigerhase

Personally I am choosing to spend this Boxing Day immersed deep in an introspective meditation.

Sure, outwardly it may look like I’m just curled up on the couch, wrapped in a blanket, watching old movies but inside the wheels are spinning in furious fashion.

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Boulet Heart of the Jaguar

Welcome to a new era. Hopefully a happier, healthier, more sane era but human nature being what it is I’ll not be holding my breath.


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