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Cheerful Daisy Paper Doll

Today being another in a succession of gloomy gray days I decided to post something bright and cheerful.

daisy pd cover

Daisy is from the late 1970s and is, as will become incredibly obvious, a Holly Hobbie clone. Well, not a clone exactly as Daisy (the doll) has her own rather distinctive look. But clone-ish in that she has that same prairie-style look to her wardrobe.

daisy paper doll

She’s really kind of sweet even with her rather oversize head. Actually I think her large noggin makes her especially sweet. Though it does make me wonder, how much of her head is hat and not head at all.

daisy paper doll clothes 1

Love the artist smock with the button-up sides.

Daisy paper doll clothes 2

There’s the very obvious Holly Hobbie patchwork pinafore over a blue dress.

daisy paper doll clothes 3

And a warm coat; it may be a gray day, but baby it’s cooold outside!

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