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No, I’m not planning to entertain any animals; my house is too small. However I do have a small collection of vintage sourced images of animals entertaining themselves. They seem pretty darn good at it too.

Animals having a picnic

The bright flat area colors and simple outlines of this picnic scene rescue it from being overly precious. The interesting (almost faerie-ish) tree and the old-fashioned peddlers wagon are great elements in themselves but in the case of this image they also serve to contain the scene; giving it an intimacy of setting that it would not otherwise have.

Cat and Pig Dancing

One of the best parts of an outdoor summer party is the dancing. That pig is a snappy dresser and the cat is exceedingly light on her feet. Please take notice of the two little bugs enjoying the action.

Animals having a tea party

This somewhat more sedate tea party has an autumnal look to me. All the earthtones and the very confined area of the composition suggest everyone has squished up inside to be cozy. I imagine this party is quite loud, with everyone talking at once. Rabbit seems to be wondering if the tea supply is going to run out and I really don’t fancy the way Cat is eyeing poor Squirrel who just wants to eat his jam tart in peace.

Animals dancing in a winter scene

Lastly here is a bunch of wild, crazy animals having an outdoor winter free-for-all festival. Obviously too much scrumpy has been consumed, and in a rather short time span. Look at the raccoon at the far left (behind the woodchuck); by the look of him he’s drawn the short straw to have to get Possum home safely.

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